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You’ve been stuck long enough.  Make 2012 your turn-around year!  Individual phone coaching with a lifeflow coach is the perfect gift for you or someone you love who wants to make 2012 a powerful and passionate year. 

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Individual Personal/ Phone/Video Skype Coaching
– $120 / Session

Individual phone coaching is our most popular option because it provides the most intimate connection with your lifeflow coach.  You have the benefit of one-on-one direct feedback and you are the sole focus of the 60-minute coaching session to delve deeply into an area of your life that feels stuck or simply feels like it could be more full and meaningful than it currently is. Your lifeflow coach Anthony will help to illumine the current way you have of approaching this part of your life and how that helps to keep creating the results that you are currently getting (or not getting). Your Coach Anthony will also help you find a new way of approaching your topic or area of development that will open up new possibilities in this part of your life. Begin working with a lifeflow coach now for greater satisfaction and freedom in your life.

With ongoing individual coaching, you will continue to build a greater capacity to include and transcend your current way of being in your topic, as you move steadily toward a new way of being in your topic. Your lifeflow coach is with you at every step of that process until you are able to effectively sustain your own growth and development without a coach.  Frequency of sessions is determined by your Coaching Program.

Email Coaching – $45 / Session

Email coaching is designed for those who are completing their coaching relationship and would like further support, feedback and course correction as they sink more deeply into a new way of being in their lives and topic.  It is also appropriate for people who have a proven success rate at beginning and following through with their own developmental practices and only wish to have guidance on how to make their practices even more targeted to their developmental objectives.  In each session, your coach will provide clear and direct feedback on practices you design, including assessments, suggestions, and reflection questions for you to consider.  Email Coaching does not provide for real-time connection with your coach and sessions occur twice monthly.  To be eligible for email coaching you must have completed at least 3 individual phone coaching sessions.

Group Coaching (poa)

Group coaching provides you with the option of working with a group on a common topic.  You will have the advantage of hearing others ask questions and receive feedback from your coach. If you tend to work better in group environments, group coaching can provide a powerful vehicle for transformation.  In each session you will receive a new practice and the group will hold you accountable.  Group sessions occur monthly, and are limited to 6 people with a common topic.  If you are interested in group coaching, please let us know!  Go to our contact page and tell us what topic you would like to focus on in group coaching and sign up to receive information as soon as it is made available.

lifeflow personal business mentoring

What is mentoring ?

A mentoring relationship is usually where one wiser and more experienced person assists another person to grow and learn. It is not a new management technique. Since humans have lived in social groups we have learnt our norms, values and behaviours by the example and coaching of others.

The business world has adopted the tradition of an older and wiser person fostering the growth and development of the younger generation. This has sometimes resulted in perpetuation of old ways at the expense of diversity and development. However, new adaptations of mentoring allowing individuals to interact as colleagues in a helping relationship, on a more equal basis, can cultivate growth and learning to mutual benefit.

Experience, skills and a genuine desire to help are more valuable assets in a mentoring relationship than age or position. Open and assertive communication and the trust of both parties are essential.

Both partners in the mentoring relationship benefit. Learning must be a lifelong process and one of the most effective ways to learn is to assist in the development of others. The best teachers learn much from their students, counsellors constantly learn from clients and partners in any successful relationship grow and develop along the way.

Mentoring happens in all organisations whether it is fostered as a development strategy; allowed or encouraged as an informal process; or is an activity that occurs below the consciousness of individuals. People ARE learning from others, adopting modelled behaviours and attitudes and absorbing the culture and perceived values of the organisation through their personal interactions with co-workers.

Individual Personal/ Phone/Video Skype Mentoring (poa)

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  • Zen eChallenge – Contact Anthony for more information.
  • Personal & Business MentoringContact Anthony for more information.